RibIt GreenTM Universal Flashing − Advantage

Ribit Green Flashing Tape Stays Stuck Construction worker applying Ribit Green Flashing Tape to seal window

RibIt Green UniversalTM is the ultimate performance flashing system available.

Tried & True Reliability

Neoprene materials at the core of RibIt Green UniversalTM flashings have successfully waterproofed structures for over 70 years. Originally installed neoprene is still waterproofing components on the Golden Gate and George Washington Bridges.

Advanced Formulas

Technological engineering improvements have balanced RibIt Green UniversalTM flashing system components increasing system compatibility, value and performance. RibIt Green UniversalTM flashings will remain intact, in place, flexible and waterproof for the life of the structure on which they are applied.

Completely Versatile

RibIt Green UniversalTM neoprene flashings are a tough, flexible, green and long lasting alternative to self-adhering membranes and lead flashings. Every contractor should have a roll in their truck. They are compatible with nearly every type of building material and excel at nearly every application.

RibIt Green UniversalTM flashings deliver all the advantages of green and sustainable building.

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A+ Rating