RibIt GreenTM Roof Flashing − Installation

Ribit Green Flashing Tape Stays Stuck Ribit Green Flashing Tape Used With Plywood

Very similar procedures are followed to apply RibIt GreenTM flashing to concrete, plywood and metal substrates. The following procedure can be used to flash all seams, angle changes and details. Procedures and materials vary by substrate, roof membrane to be applied and roofing system manufacturer.

  1. Cut RibIt GreenTM neoprene to extend at least 1 inch on each side of the detail (joint, angle change, flashing, etc.). Neoprene material is highly elastic. It can be stretched around pipes and the insides and outsides of corners
  2. Apply recommended adhesive. Ultimate adhesion performance obtained by using uncured neoprene-based adhesive
  3. Apply RibIt GreenTM neoprene over the seam, angle change or detail being careful to avoid leaving air bubbles or creases
  4. Use a small, hand-held roller to marry the neoprene to the substrate
  5. For cold fluid-applied coatings, apply manufacturer- approved caulk to the edges of all neoprene strips and feather the caulk at sheet edges

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